Tuesday, 15 June 2010

charm bracelets

Please tell me i am not the only girl among us who isn't ADDICTED to charm bracelets - i don't know what it is about them, but i can't seem to get enough. I am a shamed and impressionable consumer when it comes to all matters of the charm variety!
Unfortunately ,no matter how over-priced something is, i cant help but be drawn in. I think there's just something nostalgic about collecting these little figurines and then adding them to a bracelet, is that immature?
I prefer costume jewellerey to fine, but i have quite an extensive collection.
so far, i have 2 links of london sweetie bracelets
, a Pandora bracelet, a pearl Thomas Sabo and perhaps my favorite, a Juicy Couture number.

Are any of you as addicted as me? Below is a picture of my J.C charm box and a few of my charms. It was such an over spend but i really couldn't help myself!

Monday, 14 June 2010

my baby boy!

my little man looking all gorgeous before bed!

Bag Candy

just a small post my little diamonds!

Now, i'm a sucker for a quilted bag just as the rest of us are. I own about 15 of them. seriously. I love the practicality and design of the entwined handle and feel very Lauren Conrad . However am i the only person thinks the majority of bags with this handle are quilited? (a la chanel rip - off obviously)!? well, this saturday i was looking for a practical beauty for the office and i came across this little gem in dorothy perkins RRP £25.00 and just had to purchase it. Plus it goes perfectly with my vivienne westwood purse, one of my favourite gifts ever! It is faux leather, i'm not really that much into real leather after watching a documentary on how its made - quite disturbing really, but thats a whole other matter! I'm sure i could unfortunately be pursuaded otherwise by a certain lambskin chanel classic :(. It is has got a weaved appearance with a big gold clasp and is really durable. I recently turned 20 and had a sneaky little topshop gift card that was burning a whole in my pocket.. so really, this only cost me £5.00. It's also quite big and would probably make a decent-sized college bag for the more youthful of us! what do you think?

Sunday, 13 June 2010

storage !

I have so much jewellery, storing it is always a problem for me.
I always think of weird and wonderful ways, then they turn out to be completely impractical and i get frustrated trying to fish them out from sweet - jars and the like.
At the moment i love using different shaped cupcake trinket boxes, they look gorgeous on my shelves and keep everything nice and tidy. Not to add, what girl doesn't love a good fake cupcake - all the prettiness without the calories :)
I currently have plans to turn a bird cage into a jewellery display!
how does everybody else store their beloved jewels?

150 subscriber give-away :)

Hi my beautiful ladies!
i know at the moment i had a total of um, 3, followers (but i love you all dearly!), so as an incentive to get more followers. im hosting a 150 subscriber give - away.

Please can i specify every item is 100% BRAND NEW.

i tried to choose each item especially, and the prizes are as follows

a handheld genuine Cath Kidston mirror in a pink suede pouch
Cupcake Trinket box/tea light holder
Limited edition CUPCAKE pug:
unicorn faux pearl stretch bracelet
Accessorize nautical customisation stickers
and a 24" what happens in paris eiffel tower necklace in gold
Covet Barry M nail polish in shade 309 - strawberry
Collection 2000 nail polish in shade 31 - spangles
50 ml coconut body butter from The Body Shop
50 ml ' The righteous Butter' body butter from Soap & Glory
75 ml 'clean on me' bath lotion from Soap & Glory
100 ml 'flirtigo' body moisturiser from Soap & Glory
50 ml 'Flake away' exfoliator from Soap & Glory
50 ml 'Body Wash' from Ted Baker
Lush 'whip stick' in chocolate orange
Burt's bees Fabulously Fresh body bar in peppermint and rosemary
2 x false eyelashes from 'star eyes'
2 x face masks in tonic and chocolate
Malibu fruity lip slick spf 20
Naughty but nice novelty chocolate lip balms!

the rules are as followers -
  • you must be a subscriber to my blog
  • you must be at least 18 years, or have permission from a guardian or parent.
  • you must add my jewelry site as a friend on facebook -
  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001097694041&v=wall
  • you must do a post about this on your blog and please mention an item of jewellery that you like from my collection and why (this is so i can get an idea of what people like)
once i get to 150 subscribers i will then use random.com to select a winner. the competition is open internationally.

good luck entering.


beauty spots.. literally.

Today when i was stumbling (yes, i admit i am shamefully addicted to stumbleupon) i came across pictures of gorgeous beaches and lakes in various countries and found myself saving them to my macbook, and it got me thinking about my locational beauty spots and how under stated they are. I live in the North west of engand, in a little place called the wirral, and the below pictures are of one of my favorite places on earth to spend sunday afternoons, pottering around and walking my doggies. They have a gorgeous little dog friendly cafe that does the best ice cream, there are benches placed within the under growth and its just so peaceful. The woods itself used to be a victorian zoo, now over grown, the bear pit and lion laire are still visible (and somewhat upsetting considering todays animal rights). If your ever in the area, its a really great place to check out. In summer, all the little bluebells are in bloom, and the squirrels are on tables eating nuts and seeds. The birds are chirping, and often you can spot the new born bunnies hopping around. There are little hidden wooden sculptures everywhere, and loads of little hide-aways to have picnics. My dog, cocoa blush, gets so excited when we pull up in the car, that a few times, shes actually attempted to try and jump out of the window.

do you have any local beauty spots?

my personal top five beauty must haves

01. The body shop - HEMP hand protector

Not only is this product totally ethical, a little goes a long way and it lasts forever! My tube i received for Christmas is about half full, despite everyday usage from myself and a few sneaky office poachers. At £10.00 a pop i think it’s a complete bargain. It seals in moisture without being greasy, and leaves hands super smooth. Suitable for people with skin allergies too.

02. Burts Bees’ - BEESWAX lip balm.

Possibly the tingliest lip balm ever. This little beauty comes from a company that only uses 100% natural ingredients. All their lotions and potions come from fruit and vegetable oils, and are suitable for every-day usage. I always find it leaves my lips feeling naturally enlarged and nourished. Retails around £3.50 per pot

03. Benefit - DALLAS bronzer

I’ve been using this baby for years. Bronzers and high-lights without making you look like a drag queen. Totally subtle for day wear & super cute packaging! Suitable for people with pale/olive skin pallets. This goes everywhere with me, i’d say one bronzer lasts anywhere between 8 - 12 months. RRP £22.50.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Lush, let me tell you now, it is the holy grail of bath and body products. All cosmetic products are hand made by Lush themselves. This soap not only cleanses but seals in moisture (no need to waste precious time slapping on excess lotions after baths!) and it smells too good for words. The name kinda gives it away! Lush also do a lot of great work with international charities, especially The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Each bar of soap is cut and weighed individually, so prices vary, but on average it is around £3.50 for a decent size.

05. Clinique - DEWY SMOOTH foundation spf 15

Although i am only 19, i can’t get enough of this Clinique anti-aging foundation. It is medium/full coverage but leaves skin soft to the touch; all day it looks looks as if you’ve only just applied your make-up. It gives skin a healthy and subtle glow. A little goes a long way and as it is spf 15 it is a nice texture and coverage for summer, too. I have medium/olive combination skin and i wear shade 06. RRP £22.00.

so there is just a few on my personal favorites, what do you girlies think, have you tried these products? xox

teapots and spoons

todays weather is so glum - think i will wear my teapot necklace in commemoration of the great (bad) british summer.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

benefit in glamour..

Hello my little cupcakes!!

how is everybody??

just a quick post regarding the benefit £2.00 glamour magazine give-away, i know i was totally behind on this but i read on the lovely jess's blog about this and literally ran out at midnight to find some. not only was asda sold out of their months supply, but also tesco, and all the co-ops, much to my dismay!!

i eventually found some at a tiny little newsagent, and bought the box of 11 (whoops) but a girl can never have enough make-up, especially of the benefit kind.

how many, if any, did you girls buy?

there is my pug, reaping the benefits of my haul, and erm, on the downside, i thought the magazine is pretty crap.

Friday, 11 June 2010

hella no

Hello my pretties!

My name is Lauren and i run a small jewllery making business called CUPCAKE PUG,
at the moment i don't currently have my own website, but i am on facebook @

please check me out!

but this blog isn't just about my new creations, i'll also be hosting limited edition pieces give-aways, make-up competitions, discount codes, plus the odd post about what's been going on & beauty blogging like the rest of us on here! :)

I love animals, especially pugs - and currently have a 9 week old pug called 'Darwin' and a shih tzu called Cocoa Blush, expect pictures!