Sunday, 13 June 2010

beauty spots.. literally.

Today when i was stumbling (yes, i admit i am shamefully addicted to stumbleupon) i came across pictures of gorgeous beaches and lakes in various countries and found myself saving them to my macbook, and it got me thinking about my locational beauty spots and how under stated they are. I live in the North west of engand, in a little place called the wirral, and the below pictures are of one of my favorite places on earth to spend sunday afternoons, pottering around and walking my doggies. They have a gorgeous little dog friendly cafe that does the best ice cream, there are benches placed within the under growth and its just so peaceful. The woods itself used to be a victorian zoo, now over grown, the bear pit and lion laire are still visible (and somewhat upsetting considering todays animal rights). If your ever in the area, its a really great place to check out. In summer, all the little bluebells are in bloom, and the squirrels are on tables eating nuts and seeds. The birds are chirping, and often you can spot the new born bunnies hopping around. There are little hidden wooden sculptures everywhere, and loads of little hide-aways to have picnics. My dog, cocoa blush, gets so excited when we pull up in the car, that a few times, shes actually attempted to try and jump out of the window.

do you have any local beauty spots?

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