Sunday, 13 June 2010

storage !

I have so much jewellery, storing it is always a problem for me.
I always think of weird and wonderful ways, then they turn out to be completely impractical and i get frustrated trying to fish them out from sweet - jars and the like.
At the moment i love using different shaped cupcake trinket boxes, they look gorgeous on my shelves and keep everything nice and tidy. Not to add, what girl doesn't love a good fake cupcake - all the prettiness without the calories :)
I currently have plans to turn a bird cage into a jewellery display!
how does everybody else store their beloved jewels?


  1. where do you find those cupcake boxes?
    at uni i hang my necklaces on pins on my notice board, otherwise from tv/shelf brackets and wardrobe door handles x

  2. hi emma, i actually order these from a supplier overseas who i also get some of my food-based charms from. they are gorgeous arent they! they are hitting my store soon so keep your eyes peeled, but i know they sell some cupcake look alikes at debenams that are bigger and RRP £8.00!
    the larger storage boxes are actually cupcake candles, that once burnt down, are trinket boxes! also thanks so much for doing your post on us, its soo appreciated!

  3. haha its ok, and thanks for telling me about my comments, changed it now x

  4. also just to let you know, th big cup cake in that photo was from home and bargain for 99p lol! xox